Epic Journey Month 2 – August, 2016

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Welcome to the August, 2016 Epic Journey update!

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During the month of July I spent most of the time with my Brother and his family.
Fuquay Varina with my brother was an amazing time. Blessed to be able to spend those 3 weeks with my younger brother Mark and his Family, Amy his wife and 3 children; Haley, Luke and Kiley. Amy is truly an amazing wife to my Brother, Nieces and Nephews. She home schools the kids along with baby sitting a 1 year old 3 times a week and runs a small Beachbody Coaching business that includes her daily workouts too. I’m quite impressed with how much she does each day. Mark you definitely are a blessed one, so proud of you. Kudos to you Amy. Love you!!!

Haley is such a talented young artist at the age of 13 she spends most of her spare time drawing on her tablet. Check her artwork on Instagram at @Smartfox25… I see a very bright future for her with her artwork. I’m so proud of her.

Luke is young talented athlete at all sports he’s involved in, he’s such a competitor… Must be in the Duffield blood. With football and basketball, currently in basketball he is talented al around. I got to watch one of his practices in a select league. I was so impressed with the way he controlled the ball and theteam on offense. If you ever get a chance to meet Luke get ready for 1000 questions, the young lad wants to know everything. You can follow him on Instagram at @the.LD3

Kiley on the other hand is 100% Princess with a nack to always be making you laugh. She has just begun gymnastics and sorry Bro but she’s going to better than you. 🙂 I loved cuddling up with her on the couch during movie night and watch her practicing all her gymnastic moves. Oh and her Snapchats are hilarious. LOL

The entire 3 weeks with them all was a gift!!!

After leaving Fuquay Varina I headed to Charlotte, NC to visit my cousin and his family who live off of Lake Norman. I got to enjoy the entire with his family on the lake watching his 2 boys knee boarding and even Ben got to go swimming around the dock and go riding in the boat. But I decided that being on a boat is the best thing I should do. Hitting those wakes really jared my back, I could feel the fusions in my vertebrae pinching the nerves with each wake we hit. It sucks because I really enjoy the open water and boating.

Next stop was Lake Lanier north of Atlanta, GA to pick up one of my fellow Beachbody coaches on my team Bryan Bok so we could head to Nashville together for the yearly Beachbody Summit. This trip is was definitely one for the books. As I was approaching Lake Lanier I received a weather alert on my phone, torrential thunderstorms. As I was pulling into the park camping grounds to check in the rains came in and it was not pretty. I was soaked from head to toe just from walking from my truck to the office at Shoal Creek Campgrounds. Then driving through the grounds to my camp site I was challenged with a narrow winding round which I could hardly see because of the cats and dogs falling from the sky. Making it more difficult was all the trucks with boats attached lining each camp site entrance. Upon approaching my site I noticed a truck with a boat hitched to it parked in my campsite. Frustrated more than ever now and white knuckled from inching my way through the obstacles on this already small road I called the office. 5 minutes later a man knocked on my widow in the pouring rain saying “Sorry, I’ll go move my truck. I was trying to get off the road.” Still raining cats and dogs I maneuvered my travel trailer back up into a narrow drive with trees lining each side. I must be a pro at that because I did it with no real problem.

Next stop was Nashville, TN for the yearly Beachbody Summit which is always an amazing 3 days of celebrations, parties, learning and catching up with friends we have all made because of Beachbody. This was the 4th Summit I have attended since becoming a Beachbody Coach and I am blown away at how many new faces I see every year. To think that in 2012 when I attended my 1st Summit there were close to 6 thousand coaches in attendance in Vegas and now this year over 24 thousand. Beachbody is still a small player in the world of health & fitness but we have all the tools to be the biggest and it’s looking like we will make that mark one day. Bryan and I along with Ben by my side spent the 1st day of Summit, registration day, exploring Broadway St. in downtown Nashville after registering. Ben of course was recognized by a few people as we walked through the Music City Center. Poor Ben had to be a trooper walking around in 98 degree weather while Bryan and I checked out the restaurants and bars on Broadway, especially with his service dog vest on. But he did it with the help of the cool floors at the bars we visited. This year was extra special for me, not only was I going to have my largest amount of coaches on my team attending but Nikki Talbott was the first of my coaches competing in the Beachbody Classic. A body competition strictly for coaches who dedicate to one or more of Beachbody’s awesome fitness programs. Though she did not make the top 20 she looked amazing and I am so proud of her.

There was one sad part of Summit and I it hasn’t gotten any easier for me every year and that is all the walking kills my legs, hips and back. This year was the worse and unfortunately I had to stay back in my travel trailer with ice on my knees the final night. Which is the night we all packed into Titans stadium once again the celebrate the achievements of our customers who had amazing results. Some customers have lost over 150 lbs and are now coaches inspiring others to do the same.

That’s what it IS all about… Paying it Forward! The products work, you just have to do them and allow yourself to be coached. Next year watch out New Orleans. I can’t wait to park my travel trailer in one of 2 places, the French Quarter RV park or back out at the park I stayed at in June that actually has a banquet room and is off Lake Pontchatrain with spots that have an outside kitchen and hot tub. MMMM which one will I choose.

The stop after Nashville was Dayton, OH. Though Dayton was a short visit but well worth as I got the catch up with one of my good friends from my corporate days at LexisNexis Cheryl Robinson. It was nice catching up with her and hearing all the news about my corporate job. Same Ole’ Same Ole’. You know that corporate grind don’t you? But it was great to spend time with Cheryl. She’s an amazing person.

Next in August, Great Valley, NY to spend a week with my Aunt Mary and see one of my Grandmothers sister Aunt Helen and her family visiting from Colorado and Long Island. Plus I am heading off to NYC for a few days and then the journey home to Texas with some amazing stops along the way.

Thank you again and I sure hope to see everyone during my travels.

Things I learned:

  • How to set up and break down the travel trailer in 30 min
  • Keep tie-downs on the awning during windy weather
  • Never driver over 300 miles in one day, GRUELING!!!
  • Have a multiple piece toolkit that has just about every size of screw, drill bit, wrench/pliers and socket, you will need them.
  • Escapees Mail forwarding service is the bomb
  • Add 25% to your budget and that might not even be good enough
  • Do not browse in Camping World, Cabella’s or Bass Pro Shops you go into. Keep your head down and go get what you need
  • WiFi is NEVER going to be fast enough
  • How to start a fire with a Farro Rod Fire Starter Kit with wet tinder, cottonballs and tree sap.
  • Invest in a digital tire gauge. The simple $2 plastic ones or the gas station air pumps gauges are ALWAYS wrong.
  • Supply the inside of your vehicle with towels because you will get caught in the rain and have to get outside for some reason.
  • My 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 is a trooper and she’s doing so well pulling the 6600 travel trailer so well.
Benjamin Atlas chilling on the shores of Lake Jourdan in North Carolina. Can you say he’s a looker?img_5875
Some of my teammates from Team Duffitness. These go-getters are awesome at building their own teams and I am blessed to have them on my team. Kim Lyons, Mark Duffield, Tanya Alexander, Amy Duffield & Kimberly James. /b>
My Niece Kiley being goofy with the crazy glasses once again. 🙂
Tanya Alexander seeing her name on the advancement wall. 🙂
My Niece Haley and I went to a 3D printing classes together and I made this medallion with her name on it. Pretty cool stuff. She didn’t want to go at first but had a blast once we got started.
If you didn’t see my posts lately on Facebook about my Alienware laptop
I got to see Karie Hare who is another friend I have made through Beachbody. Karie and I were in the same challenge group 4 years ago that resulted in 5 of us losing over 125 lbs total.
My Nephew Luke doing Body Beast… With children obesity rates still on the rise it’s a treat to watch all the kids I know from the Beachbody community rising up and being a solution to the problem.
Nikki Talbott showing off all her hard work with Beachbody fitness programs and Shakeology.
While out at Lake Lanier Ben and I had a little visitor on Sunday afternoon after all the campers went home.
I got to see another friend while in Nashville but from growing up in The Woodlands. Ericka Barnes Harvey! It was so sweet of her to bring treats for Benjamin Atlas.
In one of the training sessions at Summit and we were all asked to take selfies. LOL Remember there were over 24K Beachbody Coaches here.
20K or more Beachbody Coaches of all ages and fitness levels getting in a Super Workout on Broadway St in Nashville, TN with Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese, Sagi Kalev, Shaun T, Joel and Jerrico and Charlene Johnson.
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