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When we eat plants, we take in a large amount of plant cells surrounded by a fibrous complex called a cell wall. A major component of this cell wall is cellulose.

Humans do not manufacture the cellulase enzyme needed to digest this type of fiber and must rely on fermentation by the flora in the large intestine.

Health Benefits

Some research suggests that an increase in this enzyme can help prevent and reduce yeast infestations such as Candida.

Taking digestive enzymes such as hemicellulase can counteract the net loss of enzymes that occurs with aging, whether due to a loss in pancreatic production of enzymes or a change in beneficial flora in the gut.

Animal studies suggest that supplementing with hemicellulase in feedings helps not only increase nutrient digestibility but also betters performance and boosts food conversion ratio.

Benefits Summary

~ Improved Digestion
~ Decrease chance of Candids
~ Pre-biotic
~ Lowers cholesterol
~ Maintaining healthy blood sugar
~ Detox body of heavy metals
~ Decrease bloating
~ Decrease abdominal pain
~ Fights Celiac disease

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5 Responses to Cellulase-Shakeology Ingredient Education of the Day

  1. Melanie Jacobs says:

    I love that it helps my digestion, lowers my cholesterol, and reduces bloating. Everyone can benefit from this but I bet women especially.

  2. Monica Baron says:

    It’s great that it helps with digestion.

  3. Krista Haak says:

    This is another one that is great to help lower my cholesterol and help my digestive health! This definitely will be beneficial for everyone!

  4. Shari Borth says:

    I really like that this one helps with digestion and bloating. I seemnto have a lot of digestion issues!

  5. Nikki Talbott says:

    I always have had the issue with yeast infections therefore the benefit of cellulase is extremely important to me.. Besides the decreased bloating and the improved digestion this ingredient is a blessing..

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