Certified Trainers have the same passion as Beachbody Coaches.

Why Certified Personal Trainers are becomming Beachbody Coaches

…To join my team and reach more people.Become a Beachbody Coach.

My Story:
There’s a Paradigm Shift that’s been happening in the fitness industry! Why are you not on board?

According to Wikipedia, the term “paradigm shift” represents the notion of a major change in a certain
thought-pattern — a change in personal beliefs, complex systems or organizations, replacing the former
way of thinking or organizing with a different way of thinking or organizing.

As I packed my truck to move to Florida for a few months because my Grandmother had a Heart Attack I realized how truly blessed I am to be a Beachbody coach. Before Team Beachbody, an illness, a vacation or a move would bring my corporate job to a complete stop. Thankfully, I am no longer tied down to a boss or my customers. Even though I can’t physically touch my customers and my team of personal trainers, coaches and teammembers who love “Paying it Forward” physically, I have the tools necessary to continue to help them from anywhere I am and the others all over the country on their road to better health with clean nutrition, the best meal replacement shake, a clean performace line for advance athletes and the most proven workout programs in the world.

There is a growing number of personal trainers jumping on board. The ability to reach more people and touch more lives is an invaluable opportunity. To be able to increase your income doing something you’re passionate about…that’s priceless! I got the best results in my life using same process of fitness and nutrition with my customers all over the country with the same process I used and since then became a trainer is P90X and instructor of Piyo?

Yes! I want to be a Team Beachbody Coach

Here is how you can use Beachbody to better train your clients, reach more people and grow your business…:

  • They have a large variety of workout programs complete with nutritional programs that my customers use to compliment a personal trainers in gym workouts when clients are not with you at the gym. There is a 25% commission on all these programs so it’s a win-win situation. I can also use Beachbody on Demand and Shakeology as long term residual income even when a customer can’t afford to do one on one training sessions with you.
  • Beachbody has an extensive, high quality supplement line (Including Beachbody’s amazing health shake called Shakeology), another great tool to help your clients reach their fitness goals. You also receive 25% commission on all these purchases. Your clients order directly from your site…that is set up for you (awesome), so you never have to spend a ton of money to stock inventory.
  • Beachbody offers a club membership that your clients can utilize for weekly meal planning. As coaches you receive 50% commission on quarterly club dues and then you can offer a service to help them with planning. You can help them pick meals and snacks that they prefer while staying in the right nutritional values that is all calculated within the club membership program.
  • Use Beachbody’s site to track progress by entering in measurements, goals, before and after pictures…very motivating for clients. Clients sign up for a FREE membership under you also giving them access to fitness tips, nutritional tips and more. All their purchases can be made through here ensuring your receive the commission and they benefit from your support.
  • Require your clients to log their workouts in the online WOWY super gym. This is another form of accountability, motivational, tracks progress and enters them into daily drawings for cash prizes ranging from $100-$1000, iPods, cameras, etc for working out. Plus, soon to come is a Mobile App shich allows you to give them daily motivation and they can log their workouts so you have another avenue to keep track of your clients.
  • You recieve FREE customers from Beachbody without advertising or marketing. You will have the opportunity to coach them through their chosen program and earn commissions on any Beachbody purchase they make.
  • Invite clients who enjoy their new healthy and fit lifestyle to join your team of Coaches so that they can earn additional incomes just for “Paying it Forward”. Not only is this another amazing way to help keep them on track but, as you build your team you become eligible for weekly and quarterly bonuses from Beachbody for the team you built. You will then earn commission off their purchases in exchange for your guidance. What an amazing way to reach more people and expand your business beyond your limits at any brick and mortar gym.

All in all, the Beachbody compensation plan offers you 8 ways to earn money including a 25% commission on retail sales and a 50% commission on quarterly club dues from Team Beachbody Club members.

Yes! I want to be a Team Beachbody Coach

Get out of the handcuffs

  • You realize how fixed your income potential is – because you are locked into the hours you are
    able to actually work each day. Let’s say you can effectively serve 5 to 8 clients a day, 6 days a week.
    That’s a approximately 30 to 48 client hours each week, and you ONLY get paid if there are no
  • What about the current state of the economy? When it comes to paying the mortgage, the car
    payment(s), food, braces, etc., and cuts have to be made in the family budget, is a personal trainer, or
    even a gym membership, a necessity or a “luxury” that is one of the first items cut from the
    budget? We all know the answer to that – maybe you have already experienced this! And the economy is
    expected to continue to get worse.
  • You are battleing ALL the personal trainers within a 10-15 mile radius of your location plus your clients have to pay a monthly fee to the gym just to see you.
  • What happens if you get sick or injured for any length of time? Your income and livelihood could be
    seriously impacted – right? What happens if you take a vacation? You pay both the cost of the vacation
    plus the cost of lost income from not being able to work your business. So, like many trainers, you forgo
    vacation plans and put them on hold for another time.

Yes! I want to be a Team Beachbody Coach

In Summary:

  • UNLIMITED income potential.
  • Get paid to train clients even when you are not in the gym.
  • Take your busines Nationwide
  • Build a team of personal trainer friends to earn more income.
  • No more cancelled appointments.
  • Proven workouts for all body types and lifestyles.
  • Nutrition plans included with the fitness programs.

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If so please comment below and I will add more like it. Thank you for stopping by Duffitness, your Beachbody Coach. Not only did Beachbody help me lose weight and live healthier but it’s helped me in all aspects of my life. Thank you for reading, Chris Duffield.
{Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.}
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