WELCOME to the Team!

New Coach Welcome Video from Chris Duffield creator of Duffitness Team:

Step one:

BEGIN HERE! DO NOT SKIP THESE 3 STEPS PLEASE…Scroll down and follow the 3 Steps FIRST. Thank you, Chris.

Team is a great word but soon you’ll see we are more like a family. Regardless of your motivation for joining, for product discounts OR to one-day build a financial future, we will all be here to help.
Of all the careers in my life, NONE has been more REWARDING to me than BEACHBODY. I’m personally moved when given the opportunity to speak with someone about BEACHBODY or when a Coach or Customer comes up to me to say thank you.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You are an Independent Business Owner-your own boss!
  • If you work hard you will be rewarded.
  • It will take time and diligence on YOUR part but your work will pay off.
  • It will take time before weekly paychecks have the “wow” factor. So set your goals using the goal setter.
  • As with ANY new business, building your customers and team WILL pay off!

Doing your diligence now will certainly provide a substantial income for you and your family in the next 1-5 years. You have joined a highly supportive group of coaches and you will soon see that by YOUR success we are ALL successful. By working hard in the beginning you will also provide yourself “personal freedom” to live your life as you choose and provide financial security for your family for generations to come.

Step two:

Step three:
What’s your GEM? Becoming aware of the different Gems you are will help me lead you to reaching your goals with your new Beachbody Coach career.
Go to this link and let me know your GEM.


Once you have completed Steps One through Three you are ready to move on to Coach Training with the Step to Success. NOTE: At least the 10 Steps to Success of Coach Training is required for ALL COACHES… Even if for just a “discount” Coach for Shakeology. Do not pass this step by, you never know when you someone will say something to you like this. “You look great, what are you doing?”



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