So today is all about water! How many ounces of water can you drink in a day! What is YOUR daily recommended intake of water! Here is your assignment!

I want you to take your body weight and divide that in half. That is how many ounces you should aim for each day. Figure that out and drink away! Post a picture of your water bottle and every time u finish a glass let me know! At the end of the day there will be a little prize!
1. How many ounces should you be drinking? Mine is 165/2=82.5 ounces so that’s at least five 12 oz glasses! Now because I am working out hard I had in a extra one or two 12 oz glasses especially during the hot summer days in Austin Texas.

Check this Blog out that I wrote. CLICK HERE

Now I will be posting right along with you! Here we go!!! Workout, water and clean eating! It’s gonna be a good day!!!!
(picture, every day I’m guzzling, guzzling, guzzling!)

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