Know thyself
We all have ISSUES! We ALL do… and if you don’t work on them and learn how to overcome, then you won’t see much growth in your business… and when and if you ever do bring someone into your team, they will be just as unwilling to change as you are! LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. If I had stayed where I was… I would still be broke, lost, and more than likely be miserable with my weight and my health.
Do some types of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT on regular bases even if it is only 10-15 minutes a day can completely change the course of YOUR life! Don’t over-look it, because it is VERY easy to do so. One book that is highly suggested is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.
Switch your pitch to a niche
You can’t successfully market your business to the general population. Why? Because what is important to an 18-year-old girl is MUCH different from what is important to a retiring military man… or a Successful Business man, or a Stay at Home Mom… and YOUR MESSAGE must be consistent in order to be effective. You want to focus on sharing your message with a select group (most likely in YOUR age group, your gender, and your experiences and with goals and aspirations similar to the ones YOU have!)
WHY? Because people like you! CONNECT with you! You understand their needs and KNOW how to fulfill them! So when you post on Facebook, don’t post to everyone… Post as if you were talking solely to your specific niche!
Share don’t Sell
What does that mean? It means don’t be an icky sticky pushy sales person!!! Focus on sharing emotionally driven success stories. SHARE your story… and be REAL and vulnerable! People don’t relate to links on a page… or posts promoting that you are now a coach… which basically says, “WHO WANTS TO BUY SOMETHING FROM ME?” – – YUCK! Think of it from out an outsider’s point of view… If your friend just started in another business… let’s say skin care products… and they were raving on how they were a rep now and you just HAD to try it and become a rep yourself… Would you JUMP IN not knowing if: The product ACTUALLY worked? If your friend was even going to stick with it? If it was one of those “Pyramid Schemes” — Probably NOT.
Through your consistency, results and then THEIR research (with or without your being involved in the process) you will start to see more people show interest. SHARE your journey, but don’t shove it down people’s throats… Don’t make it the ONLY thing you ever post about. Be relatable in multiple areas of your life… and stop trying to force the solution down their throats!

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  1. Kathaleen Conway says:

    I love the Share don’t Sell. Like a lot of people I am not or like pushy salies people . I am a seeing is believing. I can honestly say I am a Believer.

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