It’s not about you
It is SO tempting to keep the focus on what YOU want for your business… I WANT to be a Diamond… I WANT to find a rock star coach… I WANT to make $500 a week… I WANT, I WANT, I WANT… and sure, we ALL want success, but in THIS business, YOUR success is determined by the number of people YOU HELP to succeed in reaching THEIR GOALS, not YOURS. You will come to find, people really aren’t all that inspired or motivated to achieve YOUR goals. You need to become a visionary in people’s lives. Listen to their story, learn about what is important to THEM, what their strengths and weaknesses are, help them to see the bigger vision for their lives and how BEACHBODY can help them to get there! Be sure to share these 5 concepts with them and explain how to use their lives to inspire others! It doesn’t happen overnight… but with consistency you WILL achieve results! Understand you can’t make them do anything they do not see value in… So show them the value according to their goals and dreams!
Remember, you won’t change lives that aren’t ready to change, INCLUDING your own! Be patient, persistent and consistent with your new business, share from the HEART not the head, and GET READY… Because your success and income will always be a direct reflection of the number of lives you have helped change!!!

How to stop screwing yourself over – Mel Robbins

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  1. Kathaleen Conway says:

    This is helping me a lot. I had started to change my way of thinking.

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