Chris Duffield of Duffitness, LLC is an Independent Beachbody Coach.
Trademarks, Copyrights, and Domain Names Coaches may not use or attempt to register any of the following or their translations (in any language), whether alone or in combination with any other word(s), design(s), or symbol(s): (1) Beachbody’s brand names, trade names, trademarks, service
marks, product names, domain names, symbols, logos, or other identifiers or designations of origin of Beachbody (“Beachbody
Marks”, a partial list of which is attached as Exhibit A; (2) anything confusingly or substantially similar to any of the
Beachbody Marks as determined by Beachbody, including any portion of, modification to, or derivative of any of the Beachbody Marks, or (3) the word “Coach” by itself. This restriction includes any use of any of the above as or in connection with any symbols, keywords, advertisement buys, hid
den text, or any other activities that are considered Internet optimization; as any Internet domain name (including, without limitation, as a sub
-domain on the Team Beachbody Web site); or as the Coach’s account name or user ID within any blogs, social networking Web sites, or any “posting” sites such as (but not limited to) Facebook, YouTubem, Instagram, or Twitter; or as the numbers/designations within a Coach’s phone number (for example, 1-800-BUY-P90X).
Beachbody does not allow the use of the Beachbody Marks by any person or entity, including Team Beachbody Coaches, without its prior, written permission, any and all use of Beachbody Marks shall be consistent with the high-quality image used by Beachbody and associated with Beachbody Marks
, and shall in no manner reflect adversely upon the good name of Beachbody or upon the goodwill and reputation associated with Beachbody, the Beachbody Marks, and Beachbody products or services. Beachbody will review all proposed and actual uses of Beachbody Marks to assure
that the high quality associated with Beachbody Marks is being maintained, and reserves the right to deny or withdraw its consent for use of any Beachbody Marks in its sole discretion. Coaches may not do anything that impairs Beachbody’s ownership of or the validity of Beachbody’s Marks, and all benefits of any approved use of any Beachbody Marks inures to Beachbody. Any approval of use by Beachbody is specific to the individual requesting, and may not be transferred or licensed. Coaches may not translate the content of any Beachbody Mark into any foreign language for any purpose, including Web site content, advertising or other promotional purposes. Coaches may not copy or produce for sale, distribution, or advertising any copyright-protected material owned by Beachbody or other Coaches, including recorded Company events and speeches, without express written permission from Beachbody or the individual Coach, nor may Coaches reproduce for sale or for personal use any such material including any written materials or recording of audio or video presentations. If a Coach utilizes or adopts Beachbody- produced or – owned materials in his or
her promotional material, the Coach agrees that Beachbody shall have a license to use the material and shall not have any obligation to pay any form of remuneration or compensation to the Coach. To the extent that Coaches become aware of any activity that may infringe on any trademark, copyright , or other intellectual property rights of Beachbody, Coaches should immediately inform Beachbody via email at
Coaches should not, and are not authorized to, act on Beachbody’s behalf in such situations for many reasons; including that any action could harm Beachbody’s ongoing enforcement efforts.

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