How Much Can Change in Less than 5 Years.

Just over 4 years ago I decided I was not living my life as I wanted. I was following the rules of life most of us were always told to follow. Go to college, get a job, work for a company 8-10 hours or even more a day… And hopefully retire at the age 65 with enough money to enjoy life. That’s funny “Enjoy Life” because deep inside I really wasn’t enjoying life at all…
I found out that I was ruining my health, I was unsatisfied, there was something missing, something I desired deep down in my soul that was not being fulfilled.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis

I suffer from of course Ankylosing Spondylitis (not diagnosed until 40) for many years. Some mornings I struggled to even get out bed but HAD to because of a job. Even HAD to travel 70% of the time. I wasn’t completely happy but did it because that’s what “you’re supposed to do”. That’s what I was told just like most of us, that’s just life.

I missed so much because I had to work. I missed being with family and friends for events like weddings and birthdays, nieces and nephews being born, relationships with girls suffered too. I was living for a boss and not for myself.

Towards the end of 2011 I was so stressed out, out of shape, unsatisfied, no drive to even go to work but had to because of the paycheck.

That’s when the change began. I found Beachbody, or should I say it found me. I had a community of like-minded people who wanted more out their lives than the norm. We all want to live healthier, more fit, have more time to spend with the ones we love not the ones who were placed around us from a job, and have more personal growth (which includes every part of one’s life). You know that saying “if you’re not growing, your dying”.

Well during my first round of P90X, I became a Beachbody Coach and was encouraged to do a dream board. Yes, a dream board! I posted pictures of all my dreams into one printable photo. Seems kind of stupid right? Well, I’m going to call your “EGO” straight out and say “Bullshit”! When you focus on daily tasks, set to your goals in life, they can all come true. By staying focused on the daily tasks to build your business and build yourself you will succeed.

Chris Duffield Spartan Race 051714

There are lots of details that were on my board, here are a few of the highlights:

Leave Corporate America
Diamond Beachbody Coach
Spartan Race Trifecta holder
Success Club All-Star Legend
Have more time for family and friends

But I failed before at this Beachbody Coaching thing back in 2007 when I first was invited to become a coach and turned down the opportunity. So what different this time? I took a hard look at my future, I knew I wanted a life of “Personal Freedom” and by following the 3 Vital Behaviors of Beachbody Coaching you can reach your dreams.

The biggest one, the most unbelievable to me was to travel the country via a camper-trailer or RV. That brings me to the reason for this page on the email registration form below so that people can follow or join me occasionally on this journey.

I am fulfilling that dream. I am selling my home (under contract) and almost all my possessions and going to spend the next 2-5 years traveling the country in a camper trailer with Benjamin Atlas to see friends, family, customers, teammates, meet new people, site-see, go to sporting events, golf tournaments and whatever my heart desires. Why and How? Because “I CAN”, I worked hard to build a business with Beachbody (which really works) and now I have the freedom to take that business on the road so that I can inspire myself and in doing so inspire more people to live healthier and go for their dreams. Don’t get stuck in a life of mediocrity, there’s a bigger life to live, you only get one chance at life so do the most with it you can so let go of the excuses because anything is possible.

The best part of this all is I will be sharing and inviting everyone to watch the journey by joining an email contact list. Be alerted about my future travels and receive a monthly newsletter about the past adventures.

You also have an open invite to join me for hiking trips, site-seeing, sporting events, just to hang-out over dinner and drinks or even join me for my morning workouts. There will be a lot of surprises along the way (good and bad), picture ops, drone videos following Benjamin Atlas and myself as we visit the most amazing places in North America…

My Journey started on June 1st… and is still going strong!

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Thank you again, I look forward to seeing you during my journey.

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  1. Trenie Kunke says:

    Can’t wait to watch where the road takes you and Ben!!!!

  2. Laura Shipman says:

    Exciting times for you!

  3. Missing y’all so much!! Can’t wait to see y’all when you pick up your new home!! Enjoy your new journey!!

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