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Facebook Jail

Best tips for staying out of Facebook Jail

  • 1) Don’t admin more than 5 groups at once. Leave groups you don’t need to be in, are old, inactive, etc.
  • 2) Don’t use Facebook messages constantly, move conversations to email, call or video chat immediately after starting the conversation.
  • 3) Don not post the SAME thing more than once in a group.
  • 4) Share minimal 3rd party links in groups. Stick to your own works or share images and things on Facebook.
  • 5) Avoid “Sale” based posts on your Facebook personal timeline. In theory you should be doing this already, but if you need another good reason, no brand names, no Team Beachbody images, no links to your TBB site, no stock images of products.
  • 6) Friend request only people you have something in common with (Friends groups, page likes, school you went to, etc) and Follow the other ones you want to be aware of you/want to see.
  • 7) Never add someone to a group without permission, or in a bulk/mass sitting.
  • 8) Once you have completely exhausted your personal relationships on Facebook (usually 2-5 months of dedicated daily inviting) move to other social media sites such as a Like Page, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • 9) Do not mention cost, discounts, purchase, or anything of that nature in any post asking people to contact you or join you in a challenge group. You may notice only FREE groups are ever out publically.
  • 10) Make sure you are posting about non-fitness related things as well.
  • Remember, 3-5 posts per day, only 1 should be health and fitness related.
  • NOTE* These are all technically against Facebook policy for personal pages anyway, so I hope you’ve been doing as you’ve been taught since your first coaching class!

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