*This blog discloses Beachbody coach financial information which is public domain. I’m just saving you all from digging around to find it**

I don’t want any of you to EVER feel like I am pressuring you into coaching. I am not sharing this information about Beachbody coaching to try and convince you or anyone to coach if it’s not something you are passionate about. I am sharing it because I get a lot of questions about coaching, and they are afraid to ask the things that really matter, like how much money can they expect to make, and how much time does it take. So I’ll just be real honest and break open the official Beachbody financial info for you all to see.

As all of you know, I am an “official” Beachbody coach. I signed up as a coach for the discount on my Shakeology while I was in my 2nd month of P90X. I was never that passionate about health and fitness and honestly really didn’t like working out. I played Baseball in through high school but again I always hated working out. I didn’t like. So I am not a fitness fanatic nor will I ever claim to be. Now I just love the way it makes me feel.

I have learned a lot since I started coaching in the spring of 2012 and I’d like to pass on some of that info to you, since many of you are wondering if Beachbody coaching is legit, profitable, and something that would be a good fit for you. Let me just tell you that if you have a passion for the products, and a desire to help others achieve success with them, you can have a very successful coaching career. But if you don’t have the passion, coaching as a business (as opposed to simply a mechanism to save 25% on your Beachbody purchases) will be a frustrating thing for you and you’ll eventually quit.

Here’s some facts from the most recent (2014) Beachbody financial disclosures:
# of Beachbody Coaches = Roughly 250,000. There are a lot of folks who are Beachbody coaches. Many sign up just to save money on their regular purchases (coaches save 25% on everything they buy for themselves). Others put in the time and effort to coach others and use it as a way to help others and create a business (either on the side or full time).

% of Beachbody coaches who receive commission checks = Roughly 45%. In other words, about half of all coaches are doing it for the product discount. The other half have made it into a business.

% of Beachbody coaches who move up in rank to Emerald = Roughly 30%. To become Emerald, you have to sign up 2 coaches under you. As you can see, the ranks are thinning out significantly at this point! Only 30% of Beachbody coaches make it to Emerald. Is it hard? NO! I made it to Emerald within my first month, so was already in the top 30% of all Beachbody coaches and I just got started! And do I feel like I had to go out and hard-sell people on signing up as coaches? NO! I just did what I was told to focus on, which is providing motivation, encouragement, and advice to those that were watching me on Facebook, and my passion translated into their passion and they approached me about coaching or the coach discount.

I have put in a lot of work building the foundation for success, but it’s not rocket science! My goal for every one of my coaches is that they get to Emerald quickly (because at the Emerald level, coaches are eligible for team bonuses and the income starts to pick up significantly, which is a real encouragement and motivator to keep pushing ahead and giving it your best effort.) Training my coaches to duplicate my success is a priority to me, because I see no benefit in signing up coaches who are left to fend for themselves. But they have to show a little effort on their part by watching 7 initial training videos before I will dedicate my time to them. This tells me at least they have some “skin in the game” and are not going to be sitting on the bench watching the game. Believe me Beachbody grew 70% in 2014 and there will be 50,000 new coaches in 2015. Are you going to have them on your team? It might just be your friend or neighbor or co-worker

% of Beachbody coaches who move up in rank to Diamond = Roughly 2.3%. Now we are in very rare air! So it must be really hard to get to Diamond level, right? NO! It just requires time and effort (sound familiar?). To become a Diamond coach, you need to have 8 personally sponsored coaches, of which 2 have reached the level of Emerald. I currently (1/2015) have 2 Diamonds! And new coaches are signing up at record pace across the country.

I will soon be 3 Star with a goal of 7 Star by the end of 2015. I’ll be in the top .05% of all coaches! Again, is it rocket science? No! I know what works and how to succeed, and my goal is to help every one of my coaches (who has the desire) to reach Diamond rank within their first year of coaching (hopefully sooner).

% of Beachbody coaches who move up in rank to Star Diamond = 0.2%. Hardly any!! But guess what, I am already there and was there with 1 ½ years of being coach. And if I can do it, why not you? What does this require? You have to be a Diamond coach yourself, and help at least one of your sponsored coaches achieve Diamond status as well. That’s not hard! It just takes persistence and effort. And it builds on the Beachbody philosophy that when we help others succeed, we succeed (the same philosophy that applies to coaching also applies to the workouts!)

So there it is. That’s how you start and move up as a Beachbody coach. Not too hard, right? And if you are busy having fun with it like me, it just happens naturally. Like I said, I’m not out trying to talk you into coaching with me, I just want to help you understand that Beachbody Coaching is not a get rich quick scheme but a viable business opportunity. That if you have a passion for staying healthy and fit you can too be an All-Star coach creating a financial future that I guarantee your current career will not provide you in 5-10 years!

*And now for what you are all really wanting to know, the MONEY!*
What about earnings? How much money, on average, do Emerald and Diamond coaches earn? Here’s the breakdown according to Beachbody’s 2010 financial statistics: (these are higher now)

Emerald = Ave. yearly earnings: $3,353 High $261,621
Diamond = Ave. yearly earnings $18,175 High $136,818
Star Diamond = Ave. yearly earnings $90,746 High $1,645,484

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. This is the real deal. Average earnings of $90,746 last year, and that number continues to grow. About 2.4% of Coaches are in this rank. But if our coaches can do it, why can’t you? The secret to reaching Star Diamond? Passion, effort, and time (notice the trend yet?). Not bad for a side job! I’ll take that any day!

Now where do I fit in these numbers? Well, without giving away all the particulars, let’s just say that I’m doing way better than “average”. (I don’t share this with you to brag, but to show you that if you will work at it like I have, and follow the “Game Plan” developed by Beachbody for its coaches, success will be the result). Coaching is so much like going through Insanity. If you will follow the plan laid out for you and stay committed to it, you can’t help but be successful! But if you don’t commit to it and let yourself make excuses, you’ll end up getting frustrated and quitting.

Also, keep in mind, I made very little my whole first month and a half. I was working hard but seeing little in the way of earnings. Remember, you start with ZERO customers and ZERO coaches! But I wasn’t discouraged because I knew that it takes time to build the foundation, and once I did, the payoff started coming!

I proved myself by reaching Emerald status, Beachbody started sending more customers my way, and I qualified for additional bonuses and “Success Club″ status (meaning Beachbody started sending even more customers my way). It really starts to snowball once you put in the work to reach Emerald status and build yourself a good foundation by helping others and sharing your passion!

So, if you sign up as a coach, am I guaranteeing that you’ll have the same success as me, as quickly as me? NO! I can’t guarantee that any more than I can guarantee that you will have as good of physical transformation as me. I can put all the tools in your hands, but the desire and passion to make it happen have to come from you. Your results (both with your workouts and your coaching) may come faster or slower, but if you keep pressing toward the goal and ignoring the little voice that says “You can’t do it”, you WILL GET THERE!

And what about time? How much time does it take to be a Beachbody coach?
Well, this is completely up to the coach. Some spend no time at all (they are just using coaching for the discount on what they buy). Others do coaching as a part-time job and then eventually turn it into a full-time job like me. It’s the most rewarding thing I have ever done and I control my own income, day and life. I am tide to a desk or rules given to me by my boss. If I don’t want to work I choose not to.

It’s very flexible, so the amount of time you put in, and when you put in that time, are entirely up to you. I spent roughly 3 hours per day for the 1st year. I spend a big chunk of time (30 min-1 hour) in the morning, another 30 min in middle of the day (on my lunch break) learning the basics of coaching and then in the evenings I spent a bit more time. Answering e-mails and going through training sessions that my coach suggested I take. I dropped the things that weren’t important to me to reach my goal of leaving corporate America and being a full time coach so that I could spend more time working on my health and being with friend and family.

One other word about coaching: DON’T do it if making money is your primary focus. Sure, Beachbody coaching is a great way to make money, but only when it comes as the result of helping people transform their lives. The only successful coaches I know are truly passionate about the programs and excited to help others get fit and healthy. If that’s not you, you won’t find coaching a fulfilling experience. But if you are fired up and excited about the change in your life, and ready to help others make the same change in theirs, you will absolutely LOVE coaching!

I hope this open and honest look into Beachbody coaching is helpful at answering your questions. I’m not trying to hide anything, so please feel free to ask me anything. I don’t want to push people into coaching if it’s not their thing, but if it IS something they want to do, I definitely want to help in any way I can.

Coaching is not a gimmick. It’s not a pyramid scheme. It’s a way for us — the walking / talking proof that Beachbody products are the real deal — to be compensated for driving business to Beachbody, which we are already doing every time we talk to someone about how we are getting in such good shape! It’s a no-brainer!


What if your passion was stronger than mine, what if you worked harder, what if you didn’t have to spend everyday in chronic pain, what if you didn’t give yourself so many excuses like I am and do. My Ankylosing Spondylitis effects my performance on so many levels and it’s a constant battle for me but I still push forward and still move forward.
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