Shakeology vegetables

Shakeology vegetables

What’s the TRUTH about Shakeology and how safe is it? Did you ever see the Matrix? “The Matrix (in this case the news and naysayers) is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” This scene really comes to mind when I read something or hear someone bashing Shakeology.
The truth is your body needs naturally occurring metals found in soil which is absorbed by osmosis into the plants. Without these naturally occurring metals our bodies weaken over time and allow disease to enter at will. Check the stats of obesity, diabetes, allergies and all of preventable diseases all humans battle these years. Now compare the stats of people in cultures that eat whole naturally grown foods; lower disease, lower obesity rates and longer life expectancies to just name a few. the proof is in the raw numbers and natural science. Our bodies need natural occurring metals or as you are hearing now “heavy metals”.

There are rumors going around about Shakeology containing lead. All fruits, vegetables and herbs we consume every day, even when organically grown and picked right out of the ground, also contain various levels of naturally occurring lead. The only way to remove leads and any natural occurring heavy metals is the genetically remove these through chemicals or pesticides that keep these metals from being present. Not for me, I’d rather eat something that Mother Nature intended a human body to consume.

What is Beachbody’s response to the Consumer Labs report (posted 6/11/13), where they have declared that Shakeology Greenberry is ‘not approved’ according to their standards, due to lead contamination?

Johnathan Gelfand, Chief Legal Officer & SVP Business Development at Beachbody, LLC.

We are aware that Consumer Labs appeared on Dr. Oz to discuss its report on protein powders. The report was based on a Consumer Labs study in June of 2013 who analyzed a prior version of Greenberry and therefore non-relevant in 2014. Furthermore, as part of it is continuous drive to always improve its products, Beachbody had already updated its Greenberry Shakeology formula prior to Consumer Labs even conducting its study. The current formula greatly improves many of the benefits of Shakeology, and also greatly reduced all of the naturally occurring heavy metals. Beachbody never has and never would add any heavy metals in creating its supplements. As we have pointed out, lead and other heavy metals that are naturally occurring are found in the earth’s soil, its oceans, rainwater and its air and have been present since the earth was created. A glass of Shakeology has far less lead than a serving of organic spinach or Brussels sprouts, and in fact, you could drink 15 glasses of Shakeology a day and still be under the guidelines established by the FDA and World Health Organization. The safety of Beachbody’s products and health of our customers are our highest priority and we are extremely proud of Shakeology and how it is helping countless people look and feel better every single day.

Continued- As you may have heard, Consumer Labs analyzed an old Greenberry Shakeology formula, the results of which were discussed on the Dr. Oz program along with fifteen other protein powders. The tests were to validate levels of protein, calories, carbohydrates, and also levels of heavy metals like lead. Those results have caused questions among the Team Beachbody community.

The quality of Shakeology and the health and safety of our consumers always has been – and always will be – our top priority, and we proudly stand behind everything we have ever released to our consumers. Every single product we have ever released has been compliant with all regulatory standards established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We rigorously test all of our formulas for many important health standards, including heavy metals, and ensure that anything that ever gets put into Shakeology and shipped to a customer is well within any FDA guidelines and safe. In fact, the average numbers of all of our independent lab tests on every formula, even the prior Greenberry formula, are far lower than the Consumer Labs results, which is why we are currently engaging with them to share the results of our independent lab results and to further show how recent results on our current formulas are even lower and well within their guidelines.

While we believe Shakeology truly is the healthiest shake on the market and truly a daily dose of dense nutrition, that doesn’t mean we don’t always learn, adapt and improve. We are constantly challenging ourselves to continuously improve. We updated the Greenberry formula last year prior to Consumer Labs conducting their test on the old formula. This is the drive which results in our providing our customers and Coaches with the most safe and effective products on the market, and why we could not be more proud of the hundreds of thousands of people we have helped get healthier drinking Shakeology.

As a regular user of Shakeology and for now over 2 years I couldn’t feel better. At age 43 1/2 and battling an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis

  • I feel younger
  • I am stronger
  • Have more energy
  • Have less flareups of the auto immune disorder
  • Have more vigor
  • Have less wrinkles in my face
  • Have higher libido

If you like to learn more of how Consumer Labs operates please refer to the Alliance for Natural Health

So in summary. The recent reports of Shakeology containing lead are unjust and not accurate. You can not remove the lead from natural whole foods unless they are chemically altered in some way, proving once again why Shakeology is the most natural dense nutrition you can get in a single meal. Give Shakeology a try for 90 days. I guarantee you will feel younger, stronger and more alive. Much like you did when you were in your 20’s. It’s the safest, most dense nutrition you can get in a single meal. My Doctor and a few of customers Doctor’s have approved it. Click here to see what Doctors are really saying about Shakeology. There is an article from Consumer Reports July 2010 re: the dangers of some Protein Drinks. Consumer Reports is a non-biased, non-profit consumer awareness publication. It is very important that you do your due diligence and know what ingredients you are putting in your body- for better or for worse. We become what we eat.

Update: Here’s truth of Consumer Lab and how they truly work.


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