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Invertase is a carbohydrate-digesting enzyme that splits sucrose (common table sugar) into its component parts, glucose and fructose. It is generally derived from a beneficial strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and then purified to be used either by itself or as a part of a multi-enzyme formula.
Invertase is expensive, so it may be preferable to make fructose from glucose using glucose isomerase instead. This methoed is often chosen by low priced wellness product producers.
Chocolate-covered cherries other cordials and fondant candies include invertase, which liquefies the sugar. Once the candy is manufactured, it needs at least a couple of days to a couple of weeks in storage so that the invertase has time to break down the sucrose.

Health Benefits

On a cellular level, alpha-galactosidase causes an important reaction in the cellular lysosome, an organelle inside our cells that is crucial in the breakdown of multiple types of biomolecules. In other words, is helps us break down the polysaccharides and oligosaccharides found in foods that are typically more-challenging to digest such as peanuts, beans, lentils and cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.
Invertase is one of the essential enzymes nature uses to help us digest sugars. Commonly found in bee pollen and yeast sources, invertase plays a key role not only in digestive processes, but also, and perhaps more importantly, in overall human disease prevention, physical rejuvenation and anti-ageing processes.

Benefits Summary

  • Natural Immune Booster
  • Helps reduce Ulcers
  • Naturally toxic to harmful organisms
  • Provides respiratory support
  • Helps fight Cancer
  • Strong Antioxidant


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  1. Nikki Talbott says:

    Invertase ia great to have a natural enzyme to help us digest sugars..It plays a key role with digestive processes, prevention of human disease and anti ageing processes.. Woohoo anti ageing help.. Another immune booster for me and strong antioxidants.. Again give me another drink of my Shakeology..

  2. melanie jacobs says:

    Love that it is an immune booster and cancer fighter. Great for everyone!!

  3. monica says:

    I love that it is an antioxidant and helps your immune system.

  4. Krista Haak says:

    Great immune booster and cancer fighter. Lots of great benefits to help everyone!

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