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CONFESSION. This has been weighing heavily on mind for months now…
You may be thinking or have thought why do I love being a Beachbody Coach? Why does it seems like I am always posting about these home fitness programs?

I know sometimes it may seem like I’m trying to sell you something. Well that’s completely incorrect. 100% away from the truth…
Why do I do this? Because I believe in the mission of the sole focus of Beachbody is to “help people achieve their goals and lead healthy, fulfilling lives”. To create the largest community of health and fitness-related peer support in the world, devoted to a three-pronged approach: (1) Stay active, (2) Improve your nutrition, and (3) Share the experience with people around you by providing the best scientifically proven fitness programs and nutrition proven meal plans and supplements.

I did P90X and P90X2 in an official challenge groups back in 2012 and lost 45lbs or so… I never have done this by going to a gym. I actually weighed less, 158, at the end of the challenges than I weighed entering High School. Now, 3 years later, I have kept the weight off and I am in mid 40’s.

What was the difference that helped me achieve this great achievement you might ask? It was the support of my coach and other challengers. It was the weekly goals and assignments that helped me overcome my excuses. Like: I don’t have time. This is too difficult. This is getting boring. I’m scared to look deep at myself and understand why I stopped in the past.

Really what I found was a new life for myself. A new happier life a more fit, even with its downs or struggles I go through, I know I have the support of my new found friends within the community that will always help lift me up and not attempt to hold me down. As you know I have been struggling with my Ankylosing Spondylitis lately. Well because of it I have been struggling with my fitness, nutrition and just over all state of mind… But those friends are reaching out to me, calling me and sending me words of encouragement, not as a comment on a post but text messages and phone calls. Their reminding me to never give up…

It would be extremely easy for me to say, “I’ve had enough, this is just too difficult, I can’t do this”. Even though I have thought about it… My friends keep saying “No, you have said you would lead a healthier life and HELP others do the same, you’re a Beachbody Coach.”
Their right. America still has an obesity problem and huge one. 2 out of 3 people are still overweight or obese. Our lives are filled with companies advertising products that are unhealthy for us. Watch a NFL game and count how many Pizza, Fast Food, Beer and even Pharmaceutical companies commercials there are. Look at the sponsors of the shows you watch. Their everywhere.

No wonder why our healthcare bills are sky high. Everyone is sick all the time… Not because it’s just the way it is, it’s because of what do each day that is making us sick. Many of us do not do some form of fitness each day, we do not eat healthy clean food, we don’t supply our body with the nutrition and supplements that build our body’s immune system to help fight off free radicals that allows diseases to come in…
While my Ankylosing Spondylitis is a genetic thing caused by a gene named HLA-B27 I could have prevented it from showing its ugly head late in life if I just would have started eating clean no processed foods earlier in life. This isn’t some made up theory of mine. This is fact. Example, the human body already carries the code for Cancer and other diseases. Researchers have identified about 50 cancer-causing genes that greatly increase a person’s odds of developing cancer. But what has happened is that we have fueled our body with chemicals that actually increase the chance of these “bad genes” to show up later in life. I am an example of this…

If you knew me in high school you might have heard my say at one point or the other that my back hurt. Especially if you played baseball with me… You definitely heard this… Well for the next 20 years I ate processed foods and never enough antioxidants to allow my body to fight off HLA-B27 from forming, I even grew up on processed foods as much of us did. Now I am paying for it. I paid for it with gaining weight always, so called “yo-yo weight gain. I’d lose some, I game it back. Every year!!!

So why in the past 3 years have I kept off the weight that I originally lost? 3 Reasons
1. I do the best designed home fitness programs ever created. That are fun and truly WORK.
2. I drink the most densely nutritious meal replacement shake in the world
3. I have the support from a community of like-minded people all reaching for their goals

Now what I do as Beachbody Coach is to pass down, you can say “Paying it Forward” what I have done to reach my goals… Because I truly love being a Beachbody Coach and there isn’t another company out their that cares so much for their customers, coaches and employees than Beachbody. Go read the stories of Carl Daikeler CEO, John Congdon President, and the trainers like Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese, Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, Sagi Kalev, Leandro Carvalho, Debbie Siebers and others. You won’t be thinking oh Chris is trying to sell me another fitness program from Beachbody. Again No I’m not to sell you something, I’m trying to help you reach their goals with health and fitness because I truly care and I know for a FACT that what I am sharing with you WORKS. But you’ve got to do them and trust in the process of a Challenge Group and take my advice. If you do I know you will reach your goals and feel better. There are programs designed for everyone, even a meal portion control system.

Who doesn’t want to feel better each and every day? I know I do. So I’m ready to help you reach your goals and promise you that if you get involved and stay engaged with me in a Beachbody Challenge group you will see the results and reach YOUR goals and make 2015 your best year ever. You can do this, so invest in yourself and live a longer my fulfilling life.

So message me and we talk about everything.

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