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Welcome to Team Duffitness
Team Duffitness is about envisioning a better life for yourself not only the quality of your life but the quality of those around you. It’s about helping others reach their goals by showing them that it’s about envisioning a life they have always desired and then integrating fitness, nutrition and mental growth to reach those dreams. This includes the desire HELP OTHERS do the same. So that we all can live in a better world. Currently I am sitting at 1 star Diamond but I have helped 2 coaches to the rank of Diamond over the past 3 years. Not bad for a part time job.

We create our freedom through inspiring lifestyle changes in others through health and fitness. I want to recognize the diamond leaders on my team. They “Pay it Forward” everyday and are creating freedom for their families by building a successful business and helping others. You don’t have to be the in perfect shape to be a coach but what matters is you are on the journey to live your dreams and “Pay it Forward”.

We are every day people with a strong passion to make the world a more positive place and help people live healthier lives while we do the same. I am deeply grateful to them because even though I inspired them at one point they continue to inspire me with their dedication. Without these amazing people, I would not be a Diamond ranked Coach and still slaving my days away for a corporate job that left me unfulfilled at the end of each day. THEY make up my success. What many don’t know is that Beachbody Coaching is built on the BELIEF and INSPIRATION of the business of helping people. In turn what you do to help others comes back tenfold. I want all my coaches to achieve their dreams. I believe they can to achieve success by showing them how to build a solid successful Beachbody Coaching Business, it is the start of their own business and that can make anyone proud. Anyone can hit top ranks at Beachbody, but these special people are my true LEADERS and I am so proud of them because they had a passion for bettering their lives for themselves and THEIR families. I am deeply grateful to these coaches, they are building their dreams along side me. Thank you all for continuing to put your trust, faith, personal time and sweat in this team. Let’s Do This!!!

1. Mark Duffield

alt="Mark Duffield Diamond Leader"

Mark Duffield Diamond Leader

Profession: Teacher

Age: 37
Joined Beachbody: June of 2012


Mark Duffield is my younger Brother who has his hands filled with being a full time teacher, father of 3 and husband to Amy his wife for over 12 years. He is also a personal trainer and Insanity instructor. I have always been very proud of his dedication to his family, to his spiritual beliefs and hard work. When I asked him to join me on this journey he was apprehensive, as many are. But his wife Amy was very influential in his decision to take the leap and step out of his comfort zone. He is has always been a great leader and teacher to his students and athletes he coached in football but always wanted to get more reward from teaching/coaching. He has a true passion for his family and helping others and it has shown in the way he has helped so many on his team. Kudos to you my Brother, I love you!

2. Kim Mitchell

alt="Kim Mitchell Diamond Leader"

Kim Mitchell Diamond Leader

Profession: Medical Librarian and MomAge: 43

Joined Beachbody: February 2013

Diamond: June 2013

Passion as a Beachbody Coach: “Helping folks be the BEST they can be!!!”

Back in the spring of 2007, I was having a hard time losing the last 22 of 52 lbs that I had gained with my daughter. I was spending about $250 a month on a gym, group classes and a personal trainer, NO RESULTS!! I was talking to another mom one day and complaining about my lack of results and she suggested I try this program that I would LOVE. So the next day she brings me a very large collection of VHS tapes, it was none other than P90X. I did it for 2 days and then immediately ordered the program. I have not been back to the gym since. About a year ago after YEARS of folks asking me how I stayed in shape and I would point them toward Beachbody, I decided to become a coach. I have done almost every program that Beachbody has to offer and I could not wait to share it with others and help others get healthy and stay that way. I was an Emerald coach in 30 days and Diamond in 90 days. I am working on building my team and encouraging them to get out of their comfort zones and help as many people as they can. Let’s go get folks healthy and have fun doing it!!

When Kim Mitchell joined my team I knew I had found a strong leader. She was my friend in high School, yes we go that far back, and has always had a passion for nutrition and fitness while helping others. I am proud to have her with me and to be able to continue our friendship well into our adult life.

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