P90X Nutrition Guide

Get absolutely ripped with the nutrition plan that’s helped millions of people get in the best shape of their lives. The P90X 3-Phase Nutrition Plan shows you exactly how to eat to burn fat and build lean, strong muscle.

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P90X Nutrition Plan:

  • Includes delicious, easy recipes that fuel your body for intense workouts and quicker recovery.
  • Provides tips on how to make the right food choices for maximum performance.
  • Designed in 3 phases that change as you progress through the 3 phases of P90X workouts:
    • Phase 1: Higher protein to help you shed fat quickly while strengthening muscles.
    • Phase 2: A balanced mix of carbs and protein with lower fat to boost energy and enhance performance.
    • Phase 3: An athletic diet focused on complex carbs and lean proteins for maximum endurance.
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