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Just getting started with your fitness routine but now you are so sore you can hardly move the muscles you concentrated on the previous day. Even a trained athlete get sore muscles from time to time. When going through any exercise program, you will have some muscle soreness from time to time no matter what you do. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your soreness to a minimum.
1. Start your program slowly. Don’t go too hard on Day 1 after you’ve had a layoff or you are just beginning. Stop before you’re completely wiped out and track your progress so that you can reach to surpass your previous workout the next time.2. Warm up. Always take 5 to 10 minutes to warm up thoroughly. Jumping Jacks and jogging in place for 1 min and then begin stretching. Never just stretch first, get the blood pumping into muscles.3. Stretch afterward. First of all and most importantly always stretch at the end of your workout—5 to 10 minutes spent stretching will do wonders for your recovery time.4. Have a post-exercise snack. A snack that is 4 parts carbs to 1 part protein greatly speeds up your recovery. You want to always be fueling your body and why not immediately after a strenuous workout.

5. Self-massage. Spend 5 minutes giving yourself a massage each night. A professional massage is better, of course, but not nearly as practical. Spend 5 minutes and you’ll sleep better and recover quicker.
~ Take a warm bath with Epson salt. This will loosen up your muscles and will make them ready for a massage.
~ Dry yourself with a warm towel placed in the dryer before your shower and then feel the relief from drying yourself with a nice warm towel.
~ Apply massage oil to your body. Massage oil will help heat up your body and will help make your massage be more effective. Any massage oil, lotion, or sports balm will help break down knots and loosen your muscles. To apply massage oil, just place a drop of the oil in the palm of one hand and rub your hands together for at least fifteen seconds, until you’ve heated up the oil.
~ Massage your neck, abdomen, back (using a Foam Roller or Rumbler Roller ) Arms and Legs, Hands, Legs and Feet.

By performing these pre-workout and post-workout tips into your daily fitness regimen you’ll feel better and perform better each day and through each workout. If you need some extra help take a look at adding supplements to your day such as Results and Recovery  or the Core Nutrition Pack
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