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The Three Factors of Weight Loss

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Weight Loss
What are the the three factors of weight loss? I recently had a question asked to me by one of my customers. She was talking to a friend who wants to lose weight and asked her recently about joining her during her workouts. Her questions was; “how would you explain to someone the benefits of working out. Since we know nutrition plays the biggest role in losing weight, what would you say to someone who needs to lose a lot of weight, but right now doesn’t want to focus on exercise but just nutrition? And then add the exercise in when they have lost more weight? Are these two separable? How do you encourage them on the exercise end?”

Well this got me thinking about, in my opinion, weight loss and how so many times I have received similar responses from people who have reached out to me about helping them lose weight. Losing weight is actually pretty easy. There are 100’s of weight loss programs, pills, books and gyms out there to help someone lose weight. So many of them promise quick weight loss but I believe there is a major flaw with these. Again I said weight loss is easy, right? Sure I could lose 10 lbs in a week if I wanted to, or even 100 in a year, but the flaw that most of these quick weight loss programs are missing is the living a healthy lifestyle aspect of weight loss and overall keeping the weight off for life.

To me weight loss encompasses 3 factors: Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Growth. You might ask why the personal growth and I’ll explain further on down this blog but these 3 factors all play a major roll in losing weight and there are many others out there that might agree. Personal growth is probably the most important but most difficult to do.

The first factor to weight loss! Have you ever spoke with someone that said “I am healthy” but then they don’t work out, they can’t walk up a flight of stairs without their legs shaking they spend each day sitting in their car driving to work to sit in an office chair all day. Then drive home to sit on the couch for the night and then go to bed. Repeating these steps every single day for years! What eventually happens is that their muscles become flabby and weak. Their heart and lungs don’t function properly and their joints become stiff and easily injured. Fitness reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. It can improve your appearance and delay the aging process. It improves stamina, strengthens and tones and enhances flexibility. It also reduces stress, lifts moods, and helps you sleep better. So you can see why fitness is so vital to your overall health. This is why I do not skip a day of doing some sort of physical activity.
The most misunderstood factor of weight loss! Nutrition; nourishment, or aliment, is the supply of materials – macros, micros, vitamins and minerals – required by organisms and cells to stay alive. Now let me be clear about one thing, nutrition is not Low-Fat, Low-Carb, Fat-Free meals that are packaged in catchy labeled boxes found scattered all over your local grocery store or some weight loss center. These are mostly processed based and filled with chemicals that have been created to deliver the sense to your mind that it is getting food. But what’s really happening is that your body begins to starve for whole food macros, micros, vitamins and minerals causing it to eat what it has stored in the form of fat throughout the body. As a result you lost weight but you gained something that doesn’t occur within a couple weeks or months while dieting. You’ve increased your chances of disease and injury because now; your body is starving for the right kind of macros, micros, vitamins and minerals to help fight off free-radicals, cancer cells and all sorts of ailments that occur slowly over time. Some are discovered too late and I am sure I can think of someone that you’ve lost in your life due to a medical condition that could have been prevented with proper long term nutrition. Nutrition is getting the correct balance of macros, micros, vitamins and minerals for you and your lifestyle. If you’re an active athlete you probably need more carbohydrates than proteins to feed the muscles for performance but if you’re an office worker and sit in a chair all day you may need a more balanced macro nutrition plan to keep fat from being stored around the body. Without spending the time to discover what balanced nutrition plan works for you and your goals you will probably fall victim again to the Yo-Yo weight loss lifestyle.
Personal Growth
This one I believe is the most widely missed part of weight loss that even myself turned my head to over the years. Not until I became so “sick and tired of living sick and tired”. Always gaining weight and then losing weight just to look back each year to the realization that nothing has changed; the fact that no matter how hard I hit the gym and no matter how I ate I was always ending up with the same frustrations and New Year’s Resolution. But I did my workouts; I followed the diets, why am I still dealing with this weight issue? Sound familiar?
Here’s what I discovered, no matter what fitness program or nutrition guide I followed I was always being sabotaged by my habits, my excuses, my thoughts, my past, my daily life, my family, my job, my drinking bodies, my social activities! I was being influenced commercials, magazines, airport signs, festival sponsors, sporting event sponsors, marketing gimmicks etc. etc. Pay attention one day to your surroundings and count the number of times someone or something is advertising some new gimmick to help your lose weight. I bet you’ll be surprised.
So how does personal growth come into play with all this? Well that’s the kicker it’s the BIGGEST factor to weight loss. Personal Growth includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employ-ability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. With beginning any fitness and/or nutrition program to help you lose weight the odds of succeeding and keeping that weight off for life are extremely thin without changing your outlook on life. The negative influences and the hold your past experiences have on you will eventually take over and you end up with that same disappointment with our weight loss that you had a year ago.

So you can see how integrating these 3 major factors to weight loss will help you achieve weight loss and therefore any dreams you have for success.

You can see what I did to lose over 40lbs and keep it off over 2 years now but this video only shows 2/3 of the daily activity I practiced. The biggest factor that I practiced was I began reading personal development books; from motivation, empowerment, desire, time management, attitude, drive and more categories of personal development. As I still do every day, even going back a rereading a book that influenced me in the beginning of my lifestyle change.

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