Week 1 of the Epic Journey

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Wednesday the 1st of June
It seems surreal that over 5 years ago I was a corporate man. Doing the grind 9 to 5, or like most it’s more like 24/7. Leading a life that is scheduled by the boss and higher ups. But at the same time mentally and physically ruining yourself. They say without your health you don’t have a thing and that’s 100% true. Well that all changed back December of 2011 when I realized my health and well being needed to come first before any other job. That’s when Beachbody found me once again and months later Beachbody Coaching with opportunity to design my life as I wanted not as dictated by the corporate ladder.After a long month of packing my valuables and sending 90% of my possessions to an estate sale on May 18th I was sitting at the mortgage brokers desk signing the paper work for the closing of my home that I lived in for just over 4 years.The next 2 weeks or so up until June 1st was spent with family friends, plenty of shopping for things I would need for my journey around North America and additions to my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500, aka my “good old girl”.

Friday the 3rd of June: The day I purchased my new home on wheels. Sounds kinda funny to me, home on wheels, it’s like I am buying a mobile home but know this is a camper trailer that will allow me to live a life of “personal freedom”. Understand that this is going to be a dream come come true. A dream from childhood but made more of a goal and reality because of my Beachbody Coaching business. When I began coaching my coach asked a question to her then coaches, as I ask mine; if you could live life without any limitations of finances or time what would you do? With that very question it began stirring up my dreams… I knew if I worked my business like a business and stayed determined without losing focus on the milestones those dreams would become reality. All I had to do was follow the script that another can do.

So I walked into Camping World in New Braunfels with Benjamin Atlas on my left and drop the deposit down on my new 2016 Crossroads Sunset Trail 250RB.

After hours and hours in the waiting room for my truck have the 7 pin electrical connection installed I finally connected the new home to the ‘good old girl”. Leaving Camping World for the 1st time with 6000lbs in tow was at first, for a few days, felt weird. The 04 Dodge Ram 1500 engine roaring, the new 1 ton suspension and class 5 hitch keeping my confidence up because I knew the $6,000 I dropped into the good old girl was worth the investment. She’ll do well for the next year or so while I take her from Texas to S. Florida all the way up to Canada and back again to Texas for the first 3 months. Don’t forget to join the email list to be notified each month of my future travels.


I finally make it to Midtown RV Park, after dropping off Benjamin Atlas at his breeders house to spend the weekend with him Mother, Brother and Sister; but there will be no set up as Austin, just like all of Texas these days, was getting a torrential downpour and the ground was now a large puddle. So needless to say my first night in my home was not a pleasant one. alt="epic journey"

The next morning, the rain now over, I hook up all the connections (sewer, water, electrical) in the small pond beside my trailer and go to take a shower. But wait! The dang shower sliding glass doors wont come part, they’re stuck. Before letting my anger get the best of me I take a big breath and say “well this is the life I have designed” things will happen that will throw me off my scheduled plans for the day. So I take a washcloth shower, get dressed, unhook all the wet and muddy connections, connect the good old girl to the trailer and head back down to Camping World. Finally fixed I arrive back at the RV park and reconnect the connections, empty my truck out of all the extras for the trailer I purchased at Walmart like totes to hold everything in place during traveling and much more I head over to see all my friends at the annual Gettin Boney Domino Tournament with friends.

On Sunday I got to spend the evening with my ex-roommate Marlee. She came over and we had another long talk. This one a little surreal since for years we spent many nights on the patio of my brick and mortar home talking about personal development and our dreams. It was a very cool conversation. Both of following our own journey’s that all came fruition from our hours of talking on the patio of my old house.

Monday the 6th of June
After picking up Benjamin Atlas the afternoon before and the RV spot still a muddy mess I loaded up the connections, wiping off the mud with a towel as much as I can, and take my first true road trip of the new lifestyle. Heading to The Woodlands to spend the next couple days and my new location Rayford Crossing RV Resort. Oh this park was SOOOOO much better, cemented spots with beautifully manicured landscaping everywhere. But there’s a problem, the port side of the trailers pass-thru lock is stuck. It wont unlock! Instead of getting angry and raising my blood pressure, which is already a little higher lately than I want, I pull everything out from the other side, connect all the connections and unscrew the latches screw finally opening the pass-thru door. Needless to say I was a sweaty mess. LOL Most of my thoughts for the next few days were wrapping my head around all the things I need to learn and processes in order to make my new home a “HOME”.
Wednesday the 8th of June
Loaded up once again and off the New Orleans to visit my good old friend Kelly Watson. WOW what a ride. I forgot how bad the roads of I-10 in Louisiana really were. Instead of 5 1/2 hours on the road it took 8 1/2 hours instead because most of the drive I had to drive about 50 mpg, bouncing all over the roads because of the pot holes and just steady dips in the roads that were causing my truck and trailer to bounce around. I never noticed how bad these roads were while driving them with no trailer in tow.I pulled up to Pontchartrain Landing waterfront RV Park at 4:45pm and within 30 minutes my good friend Kelly Watson shows up with some cold beer. Damn I needed that. 🙂 He takes the tour of the new home and we sit outside to catch up… That feeling of surrealism runs threw my body once again. Yes I am really doing this, 2-5 years of full time traveling seeing the country, events, friends, my team and other Beachbody Coaches and most importantly my family.That evening before the the sun goes down we go check out the waterfront and to our surprise there are RV spots with gazebos with a full kitchen, sound system and even a freaking hot tub. Oh I am staying in this spot next time I come to New Orleans. Oh but not way of I-10. No way, never again!!!13406757_10209057016838813_698709921231165686_nAfter Kelly helping a man that was fishing outside his RV pull in a 4 ft Alligator Gar that night we go up the restaurant/bar and just as it’s happened before to Kelly or myself he knows the bartender. After an hour of so getting to know the bartender Katie and eating probably the best Mac & Cheese I have ever had and nice Shrimp Po-Boy we call it a night.The routine of living in a small space is getting easier and more comfortable and Benjamin Atlas seems to be adjusting quite well.

The next night Kelly comes back over to do some grilling with me on the trailer attached outside grill. I grill up some spiced corn on the cob and he brings over the best deer/bacon burgers I have ever had. Actually, it’s the first time I have ever had a burger like that and OMG it was the BEST!!! Both animals killed by him and then processed and frozen for future meals. You wont find these healthy burgers at any grocery store or restaurant. No way… Check out this video of the outside of my camper CLICK HERE

Well it’s now Friday the 10th of June and it’s my last day in New Orleans (for now). The weather sucked today with rain falling down from 10am and into the middle of the afternoon. Perfect time to write you this blog and to gather my thoughts around how I am going to integrate more of my Beachbody Business daily tasks into this lifestyle. I believe there will be no problem as I am already feeling a sense of routine happening as each day passes in my new home.


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Thank you for stopping by Duffitness, your Beachbody Coach. Not only did Beachbody help me lose weight and live healthier but it’s helped me in all aspects of my life. It’s the way I created this life of “Personal Freedom” Thank you for reading, Chris Duffield.


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